Bars and nightclubs in Fortaleza

There are parties going on in this capital from Monday to Sunday

Fortaleza is a party town from Monday to Sunday. The best way to enjoy the capital is to enjoy the sun and the natural beauties during the day, and at night, go out partying. There are many options, with destinations for all the tastes, that’s why ObaOba decided to help you out and suggested nine places you can enjoy while out at night.

Pirata Bar

Opened in 1986, Pirata Bar is the most traditional night club in town. There, the public, which is usually quite varied, dances to the sound of forró. Don’t miss out on the chance of opening your week with the Craziest Monday in the World, party which got its name from the New York Times.

Órbita Bar

Órbita Bar is the right destination for the rockers. The venue has a tradition of putting out the best artists in the city, as well as providing shows by cover and tribute bands. The people who go there are open and quite receptive. In other words, you won’t find any stuck ups there.

Boteco Praia

Boteco Praia is a place for people who like to sit at the table, order a nice cold beer and taste delicious snacks. Located at the Beira-Mar Avenue, one of the main tourist points in the city, the house also has a beautiful view complete with beach wind. If you see a waiter going by with a tray of snacks, try the Crab Legs.


Kukukaya is a restaurant/night club with a Brazilian Northeastern flavor. The menu offers earthly delights, like fried crab legs. On the speakers, the best of forró moves the couples in the dance floor. Try out caipirinha that has the place’s name, made with honey, brown sugar, cachaça and lime.


Biruta is a great place to watch big musical attractions with your feet on the sand. Although it’s known as the “reggae house”, the venue doesn’t have any established style, always excelling for quality. Because of this, their stage has already received bands like Deep Purple and Skazi.

Chopp do Bixiga

Chopp do Bixiga is a place instaled in a big house built in the beginning of the 20th century. Located near the Dragão do Mar Center, a space of 33 thousand square miles dedicated to culture, the bar is one of the most traditional in the city, known all over Brazil for having created the wine chopp.

Fiteiro da Praia

Fiteiro da Praia is one of the main night clubs in Praia do Futuro. The place is large, close to the sand and is musically diverse. Big names of country music, forró, samba and pagode have been to their stage. The place also has an attractive menu. We recommend the Fiteiro Shrimp.

Boteco do Arlindo

Boteco do Arlindo is a traditional bar, with faithful clients. Due to that, the 18 tables in the house fill up quickly. The solution is to occupy the sidewalk with chair. Samba, chorinho and MPB are the kind of music which fill the air, including live presentations on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Mucuripe Club

The Mucuripe Club is a huge party, with four large areas and a VIP area. Variation is what comes from the speakers, which play rhythms various rhythms like MPB, rock, axé, samba, forró, reggae, hip-hop, blues and electronic music, amongst others. The venue is right next to the Dragão do Mar Arts and Culture Centre.


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