Bars and night clubs in Rio de Janeiro

Eleven places to enjoy Rio’s night life.

Are you in Rio de Janeiro to follow the Confederations Cups games? How about you enjoy a warm up and an after party between games? The Wonderful City is filled with options to enjoy the night. For your happy hour, there are many famous bars with irresistible snacks, stupidly cold beers and live music. The city also has night clubs for all kinds of tastes.

Check out our selection:

Aconchego carioca

The feijoada cake, created by Kátia Barbosa for the Aconchego Carioca, gained fame and imitators all around Brazil. It’s worth trying the original snack along with a beer from their varied selection of around 250 kinds.

Buxixo Choperia

Close to the Maracanã, the bar fills with fans in search of cold beer and delicious snacks. The most famous is their fries with pepperoni, which carries the bar’s name. Also worth remembering the buxixo sandwich, which has sun meat, pepperoni, chicken filet, linguee and French fries. On  the top part, there’s a dance floor with DJs and varied live shows.

Bar Du Bom

The bar’s flagship is their meat cake, with different kinds of mixes like dried meat and provolone, salmon with cream cheese, chocolate with ice cream and chocolate with strawberry. To follow, regional and imported beers.

Petisco da Vila

Frequently visited by musicians, football players and bohemians, the bar’s menu is filled with sea food and snacks. On Saturdays, the headliners are the feijoada, the cold beer and the samba circles.


One of the most famous night clubs in the city, Nuth is visited by celebrities and artists. The musical selection is varied , and the decoration is inspired by nature, with furniture made with wood and tree trunks. In the house there is also a restaurant with international dishes.


The 00 night club brings locals and tourists from all over the world due to their innovative project which joins dance floor, contemporary restaurant and open air garden, in an area within the Gávea Planetarium. The projections and lighting change according to the parties that range from rock, to electronic, soul and many others.

Zero Vinte Um

Amongst  DJs and live shows, the programming for Zero Vinte Um nightclub includes samba, country, hip-hop, electronic music and funk. In the area there’s also a bar for warm up, which offers snacks and cold beer.

Studio RJ

Meeting point for the hipsters, the venue presents new names in popular Brazilian music. There are also parties with DJs and also Jazzmania, with trusteeship by the music producer Zé Nogueira.

Teatro Odisseia

The venue harbors many cultural manifestations, amongst music, theater and arts. On the first floor there are shows of many kinds, which can also be watched from the mezzanine. And the third floor holds expos, plays and a restaurant.

Casa da Matriz

Attended by alternative people, the big house from Botafogo has to dance floors, bar, game room and lounge. Most of the parties play indie rock, but there are other parties for other styles, like drum’n’bass.

Le Boy

Most famous gay night club in Rio, with agitated nights filled with electronic music and a dance floor with high four story ceiling. There are drag shows and theme parties, as well as dark rooms and saunas to heat up the night.


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